Limited Edition Premium Fleece Tie Dye Blankets
Now in 4 Original Tie Dye Designs 

Scarlet Fire Mandala ~ Shining Star Mandala ~ Dark Star Mandala ~ Morning Dew Mandala

These limited edition plush Blankets are exact sublimation dyed reproductions of 4 of my best original tie dye mandala tapestries


Ultra plush, silky-smooth, the softest fleece ever

You'll have to feel them to believe it!


Extra Large – Blanket size: 60″ x 80″ inches
Beefy – Thickest fleece we could find
Thermal – Warmer then wool
Durable – Lasts a lifetime
Super-Soft – You have to feel it to believe it
Breathable – Warmth without the weight
Hypo-Allergenic – Relax in comfort
Fire Retardent – Stay toasty safely


Fleece tie dye blanket