It's finally time to get out and have some outdoor fun!


America is reopening! Most camp sites are open to limited capacity, festivals are being scheduled, Memorial day picnics and parades are taking place, 4th of July fireworks are coming back, and music events are really happening this Summer!! 


Lighthouse Outdoor Products has searched for the best new products available for getting back out there and having fun, while staying safe comfortable, and prepared. We looked at fun and useful products that will add to your overall outdoor experience, then we worked with our manufacturers to bring them to you. 


We are campers, hikers, music lovers, festival goers, and love the outdoors,  and use all the products we recommend on our site. If we love them, we think you will love them too! 

Here are our recommendations.

The LHO Lighted Festival and Beach Blanket is a new and cool idea for any outdoor event.

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What We Like: It is a large and durable 6X6 ft lightweight nylon beach blanket, great for picnics, and camping, but it also has lights around all four sides so it is great for any nighttime event like outdoor concerts, music festivals, 4th of July, and any outdoor nighttime gathering. 


LED Lights on All Four Sides – The LED lights strung inside the blanket are incased in an acrylic casing, are waterproof and virtually indestructible.  The light settings include soft fades, slow and fast blinking, steady light, and a dimmer, controlled by the included remote. When the lights go out, you can stand and dance, or sit without worrying about being stepped on, or pick it up and quickly stuff it into the included sack and keep on dancing.


Memorial Day, 4th of July, and Labor Day – This blanket is perfect throughout the entire Summer and will be a huge hit at your next 4th of July Fireworks outing. Kids love it and parents too because it creates a group barrier, and acts as a homing beacon for finding your way back to your spot. 

ADA Friendly – Great for people that have difficultly standing long periods of time. It marks boundaries for people that are in wheelchairs or assisted walking devices or need chairs to sit and enjoy the event. 


Simply the best new beach and festival blanket for any outdoor event.


The only lighted blanket with 8 settings dimming and a remote.


Stand and sit without having to worry about being stepped on or trampled over. 


You will always find your way back too!

LHO Rechargeable Solar Lantern - New for 2021


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What We Like: We love these fun portable solar lanterns. They are made of soft silicon unlike any other flashlight or lantern around. The silicone container casts a nice soft light that illuminates the space around you and does not hurt your eyes. So, you can have it on without disturbing the people around you. Great for camp sites, inside your tent, at outdoor events, or on the go.


Waterproof Container – But best of all, the light is a waterproof container unlike any other light or lantern on the market. It is food grade so you can unscrew the top and use it for a cup for liquid or snacks, or you can stash keys, charging cords, credit cards, cash and more. 

Solar and USB charging – no batteries needed, 4 light settings + SOS, USB Charging port with 10,000 mah power bank so you can charge cell phones and other USB devices, 22ml silicon food grade container.


The perfect solar lighting for outdoor events, camping, home, car, RV, or emergency kit.


The Solar Lantern with a waterproof food grade silicone cup and container
 Use for a cup, or stash small items. 


NOW - Buy 2 and get 1 free. Just add 3 of any color to your cart.

Super high-capacity Solar charger with wireless charging pad - New for 2021


What We Like: We researched over 20 solar chargers and found these great multi device power chargers. They have 4 USB charging ports, two more than most chargers, and it also include a C type power charger that can be used to charge the device and charge small laptops too. It also has a micro-USB for charging as well. 


Wireless Charging – All wireless chargers are NOT the same. Our chargers are a huge 18W of charging power which will charge a phone in less than an hour. Just set a wireless enabled device on the pad and you are charging without wires. 


Solar and USB charging – This device has one of the largest single solar pads available on the market. While it will take a full day of direct sun to charge, this solar charger could be a life saver.  This is a must for any emergency kit, camp kit, and it is great for traveling too. 

The LHO 30000mAh solar power charger is the perfect accessory for your next adventure.


 Charge your phones and tablets multiple times on one charge

Delivers 18W power delivery for quick charging a phone around 1.5 hrs or a laptop around 2.5 hrs

Built in LED flashlight with SOS mode and waterproof with cool, shock proof design.

Limited Edition Premium Fleece Tie Dye Blankets - Now in 4 Original Tie Dye Designs 


Currently available for Pre Order in all 4 Designs. MSRP $86.00 NOW: 65.95


What we like: These limited-edition plush Blankets are exact scale reproductions
of original tie dye mandala tapestries custom made for LHO and can only be found here. They are advanced tie dye sacred geometry designs that only a handful of tie dye artists can create. Our founder is one of those artists.


Premium Mink Fleece – We wanted a blanket that was worthy of these beautiful designs. The Premium Mink Fleece is the softest blanket you will find and will not snag or ball up. They NOT Sherpa material so pets and humans will love these blankets, a lot! They are that comfortable and cozy! 


Extra Large – These blankets re 60X80 inches which is the same size as the original tapestries. They are large enough to lay out on a queen size bed to cover the top. Perfect for that top layer. But get two because you will be fighting for yours, a LOT! 

Limited quantities available in each design -  Pre order today, expected shipping date (06/15/2021)