The LHO Lighted Festival Blanket

  Clearly mark your area at parks, picnics, and outdoor events.
  The LED lights around all 4 sides are virtually indestructible
  The handy remote has 6 settings & dimming too
  Perfect for 4th of July Fireworks Events
  ADA friendly, great for chairs or wheelchairs
  Great for event pods at social distanced outdoor events
  Lightweight and water resistant with an attached bag

They are super cool and super fun!

LHO Portable Solar Lanterns

3 in 1 solar lanterns with cell phone charger, container
and a 4 function flashlight. 

The perfect solar lighting for your camp, home, car, RV, or emergency kit.

These solar lanterns are rechargeable, will charge in the sun, do not require batteries, and are compact.

Unlike any other light, our LHO Solar Lanterns have a waterproof food grade silicone container to store small items, so take it to the beach, to a festival, or picnic!

 - Add 3 lanterns to your cart with your LHO Blanket -
Pay just $75.00!